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The Full Picture

Red Canoe Gallery required a web site that could be updated without IT staff or using an external resource. Adrenaline created the site using a Content Management System (CMS) as well as implementing a self-managed Gallery system. This enables the Red Canoe staff to manage Galleries themselves. We used a lightbox system for the Galleries, which has become an Internet de-facto standard. Users click on a thumbnail of the art work they wish to view and larger version shows up, dimming the background but keeping you on the same page.

Gallery System

Adrenaline, through the use of a CMS, was able to make a Gallery system that the staff at Red Canoe can manage themselves with a little training. Full size images are uploaded into the system, assigned to a page, and the thumbnails are automatically generated. The number of images per row and number of rows per page can also be controlled.

The Toolbox

Adrenaline used the following key elements for the Dragonfly website:

The Content Management System

A content management system, often referred to as a CMS, is a system that allows individuals who are not programmers to manage the content of the web site. Tasks include change, add, and delete content (text and graphic) as well as add or remove pages as needed. This is done by logging into the system through a browser. The content management is simple and quick, making changes much like you would if you were editing a Word document. With an hours worth of training, anyone can manage the content of a web site using the CMS we designed. The CMS model empowers our clients and allows them to make changes quickly and easily without additional costs. Alternately some clients prefer that we make changes. Our CMS speeds up those changes and saves costs in this model as well.

Because the system abstracts content from presentation, another great benefit of using a CMS is that should an organization opt for a new design there is no need to start from the ground up and redo the entire site. We are able to program a new look and use the existing content as well as easily modify the existing content. It's a return on investment that you may not see immediately, but over time it will pay for itself over and over again.

Gallery Systems

There are a number of methods of looking at galleries online. A gallery is simply a set of collected images on a page, mimicking a room in real art gallery. To view an item up close, the user clicks on the thumbnail version and will be able to view a larger version, either in a new window, by replacing the current window, or by use of lightbox, where the image is displayed over top the current window.

A gallery system allows users to upload images themselves and control how the gallery is organized, in terms of rows and columns, and what the captions are for each gallery item. Though users do have to learn how to use the gallery system, it is certainly less work and less complex than learning HTML and JavaScript to do the same thing.

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